Budget Billing

Know your bill amount in advance! With Budget Billing, you pay the same amount each month. Budget effectively with no surprises!

How does Budget Billing work?

To start, we'll review your energy costs over the last 12 months to determine the average. We’ll then bill you that amount each month. You'll know in advance how much your payment will be.

We review your usage every six months to keep your bills aligned with your energy use.  

What if I use more or less energy than I paid for?

Approximately every six months, we look at your Budget Billing account to see whether we need to adjust your bill.

If you have used more energy than you paid for, your bill will increase.

If you’ve used less than you paid for, your bill will decrease.

Just moved in? Your Budget Billing amount will be estimated—or you can wait to establish a usage history before enrolling.

Am I eligible to participate?

If you live in Iowa, Budget Billing is open to residential, rural and small nonresidential customers whose consumption is less than 3,000 kilowatt-hours per month (electric) and/or less than 250 therms per month (gas).

If you live in Wisconsin, Budget Billing is open to residential customers and commercial accounts that provide residential living, such as apartment buildings, unless your bill contains a nonutility charge.

Customers in both states become ineligible for Budget Billing if they:

  • Have a nonutility charge on their bill.
  • Add a new service that does not have 12 months of usage. Depending on the service added, customers may need to wait 12 months to become eligible for Budget Billing again.
  • Miss a payment or make a partial payment on a bill. Participants are required to pay their budget amount in full every month.

Enroll through My Account in the Billing tab under Budget Billing.

Terms and conditions of participation

Participants are required to pay their budget amount in full every month or we may remove them from the Budget Billing program. The monthly budget amount is the amount customers should pay each month. We will apply payments in excess of the monthly budget amount to future budget payments due.

We will review monthly budget amounts every six months. We may make adjustments if the calculated new monthly bill payment changes by plus or minus 10%.

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