Second Nature for your business

By supporting renewable energy through Second Nature, your business can:

  • Demonstrate a leadership role in your industry
  • Add value to your brand and generate positive publicity
  • Promote socially responsible business practices and consumer health

How does Second Nature work?

  • Your electric meter measures the kilowatt-hours your business uses each month. We divide this amount by your Second Nature contribution to determine the equivalent of green energy.
  • Next, we combine your usage with other Second Nature participants to get the month's total green requirement.
  • Then we make sure we're bringing enough new green energy into our energy pool to meet the total renewable energy requirement.
  • The additional green energy comes from new Second Nature sources, above and beyond ײƵ's standard generation portfolio.
  • That means every Second Nature customer directly increases demand for renewable energy and reduces demand for non-renewable energy.

To participate in Second Nature, choose a dollar amount that will be added to your monthly bill.

For a complete list of the resources included in Second Nature and to see what customers received last year, view the Product Mix. To view highlights of the conditions of your subscription, see the Price, Terms and Conditions.

What is my potential environmental impact?


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