Shining a light on the community

ײƵ Tower (Cedar Rapids, IA) lighting schedule and lighting suggestion form

Upcoming Tower Lighting Schedule

The schedule is subject to change.           


1-8: Rainbow (Pride Month)

9-16: Green (National Safety Month)

17-18: Orange and yellow (Pollinator Week)

19: Red, yellow, green (Juneteenth)

20: Purple (Alzheimer's awareness/longest day)

21-30: Green (National Safety Month)


1-4: Red, white and blue (4th of July)

5-31: Yellow, orange, green, blue (ײƵ colors)


1-6: Yellow, orange, green, blue (ײƵ colors)

7: Purple (Purple Heart Day)

8-26: Yellow, orange, green, blue (ײƵ colors)

27: Pink, blue, green (Cedar Rapids Market After Dark)

28-31: Yellow, orange, green, blue (ײƵ colors)


1-2: Red, white and blue (Labor Day Weekend)

3-10:Turquoise and purple (Suicide Prevention Awareness Month)

11: Red, white and blue (9/11 remembrance)

12-14: Yellow, orange, green blue (ײƵ colors)

15-20: Pink, orange, blue, green, red, yellow (Hispanic Heritage Month)

21: Purple (Alzheimer's Awareness Day)

22-29: Pink, orange, blue, green, red, yellow (Hispanic Heritage Month)

30: Purple (NICU Awareness Day)


1-5: Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

6: Green (World Cerebral Palsy Day)

7-14: Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

15: Pink and blue (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day)

16-22: Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

23-30: Red (Red Ribbon Week)

31: Orange and black (Halloween)


1-2: Teal (Alzheimer's Light Up the World Teal)

3-10: Purple (Epilepsy Awareness)

11-23: Red, white and blue (Veteran’s Day/Month)

24-30: Orange, yellow, red, brown (Thanksgiving - fall colors)


1-23: Yellow, orange, green, blue (ײƵ colors)

24-25: Red and white (Christmas)

26-28: Blue and white (Hanukkah)

29-30: Red, black and green (Kwanzaa)

31: Gold and white (New Year's Eve)

*The days the Tower is lit with ײƵ's colors are still open to be replaced with alternative lighting suggestions.

Shine a light on your cause or event

The ײƵ Tower lights up the downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa skyline with multi-colored lights throughout the year. Do you have a specific holiday, event or cause you'd like us to highlight? Share your ideas with us!

  1. Check out the schedule above to see what our lighting schedule currently includes. (Schedules will be updated periodically.)
  2. If your desired dates are free, submit the Tower Lighting Suggestion Form
  3. If your idea is approved, we'll let you know!

Please note: Submissions will be evaluated based on how they support the community and align with ײƵ's company values. Before you submit an idea, please consider whether the event or cause embraces respect and diversity, provides community support, or advocates for conservation/sustainability. Birthdays/Weddings/Anniversaries cannot be accommodated. We will not be able to accommodate all submissions. The schedule is subject to change based on unforeseen events.

Photo gallery

Here are some examples of the ways we've lit up the Tower in the past. (Click to enlarge.)

Collage of photos of the ײƵ Tower lit in different colors

Row 1: Blue and white (Xavier High School Graduation); Fall colors (Thanksgiving); Red and blue (Washington High School Graduation); Purple and black (Metro High School Graduation); White and blue (Jefferson High School Graduation); Orange and black (Halloween)

Row 2: Red and gold (Marion High School Graduation); Pink (Valentine's Day); Blue (World Autism Awareness Day); Red, black and green (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day); Green and gold (Kennedy High School Graduation); Rainbow (LGBTQ Pride)

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