Energy theft

Energy theft is the illegal practice of manipulating or bypassing natural gas and electric meters to avoid paying for some or all of the service used.

Energy theft is dangerous

Electric service wires to homes and businesses deliver enough current to kill. Using metal objects and tools near the electric current in these lines can have devastating and deadly results.

Tampering with natural gas meters and equipment can cause leaks and potential carbon monoxide problems that may result in very dangerous situations for the neighborhood and community.

Energy theft is costly

As with any business, theft losses are considered an operating expense – “part of the cost of doing business" – which often means honest customers end up footing the bill. With honest customers and employees working together, we can minimize the impact of energy theft.

Energy theft is illegal

Across the United States, energy theft is a problem worth $6 billion per year. It's dangerous and illegal.

Most electric accidents can be prevented.

All it takes is remembering the basic safety rules and knowing how to spot potential hazards.

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No power? We're on it.

Find out how we restore power in the case of an outage.

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