Pole attachment requests

What types of customers are eligible for an attachment?

Local telephone companies/utilities inside their incumbent service area

Cable TV companies
Telephone companies outside of their incumbent area
Telecom companies

Electric companies
Gas companies

Foreign utility facilities located in ײƵ conduit or ducting

Information for ITC Midwest LLC (Transmission)

We accept pole attachment agreement requests for the following uses:

Joint Use
DAS Antenna
Joint Trench

Are you a new customer to the ײƵ service territory?

You must have a Contract Agreement for the type of attachment you wish to install.  Please complete the Attachment Contract Agreement Request Form , and email it to us at JointFacilities@alliantenergy.com

We will provide an attacher user ID and password once we receive your request for an agreement. This way, you can continue with your attachment request while the contract is being completed.

Already have a Contract Agreement in place?

For parties interested in One-Touch Make Ready or pursuing the self-help remedy in the electric space, please contact JointFacilities@alliantenergy.com for a current list of contractors who are approved to perform this service.

Online tracking system

With ײƵ’s Pole Attachment Tracking System, you can submit and manage your agreements online, and receive data and status updates electronically.

Already have an account?

Need an account? If your company currently has an Attachment Agreement on file with ײƵ, please email us at jointfacilities@alliantenergy.com to receive a user ID and password for the tracking system. Your email should include:

Employer name
Employer address
Contact name
Contact phone and cell phone 

Need help using the system?

Check out the User Guide
View the Quick Steps

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