Time of Day Pricing for your business

How does the program work?

All the electricity you use during off-peak hours is billed at a significant discount. Off-peak hours are between late evening (8 p.m.) through overnight (7 a.m.), and all weekend. Note: off-peak hours do not change with Daylight Savings Time. Off-peak hours stay the same all year long.

Off-peak hours are when the demands for electricity are lowest. When you use less electricity during the day, you help us keep the power flowing to all our customers ─ and you help the environment!

Is this a free lunch?

Although a business earns a discount for the off-peak electricity used, it will also pay a premium for the electricity used during on-peak periods. However, the vast majority of business customers on the Time of Day program save money, and the savings can be considerable.

Is there a cost to participate?

We’ll install a special Time of Day meter at no cost, for which your business pays a minimum monthly fee. The amount saved can easily more than make up the difference.

What if my business doesn't save money?

We ask that you remain on the program for a minimum of one year to really see the benefit.

But if the business doesn't use as much electricity off-peak as expected, and it’s difficult to adapt to fit the program, we'll remove your special meter and replace it with a standard meter. The extra monthly charge will be discontinued when the meter is changed.

How can I make Time of Day Pricing work for my business?

Make sure you use as much electric energy as possible during the low-cost, off-peak period during evenings and weekends.

  • Turn off your air conditioner during the day, or turn the thermostat up five to ten degrees.
  • Delay tasks or operations until off-peak hours.

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